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What happens if I don't send enough bitcoin to pay the invoice amount?


When you send a bitcoin payment to pay an invoice to Power Mining Pool (or to anyone) the coin ownership does not change immediately, and in fact it does not actually leave your wallet until it's confirmed on the blockchain.

In simple terms the bitcoin you are spending are marked as 'potentially spent' and your available wallet balance is reduced to stop you spending the same bitcoin twice. If the amount you send is confirmed by the blockchain then the ownership of the coin changes and the coin is now owned by the person that you sent it to.

If the amount of coin that you send is insufficient to match an invoice then the payment will fail and the coin marked as in process will be marked for return to your ownership by our payment gateway '' after it times out on the blockchain, this usually takes a little over 27 hours but can take longer depending on blockchain activity. When this happens you will receive an email from to reclaim your Bitcoin.

We have no control over this process, it's entirely controlled by the blockchain and the payment gateway


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