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Account Security


The security of your account is important to us, but it's critical for you. Here are our tips for making sure all of your online accounts are safe.

If a hacker gains access to your account here at Power Mining Pool and requests a payout to their bitcoin wallet then there is nothing that can be done to get back the bitcoin payouts made to the hacker and you will lose the money!


Choose a Secure Password


When you are working online its essential that you use a different password on every account that you own. If you use the same password on every website then you can be 100% certain that sooner or later you are going to get hacked on multiple websites as once one is compromised they all are.


Bad Password Look Like This...


Here are some examples of very weak passwords that people think are secure, these generally consist of real words or parts of words, numbers and names, for example







The most secure of these examples is GoHome2017 but a hacker would get past a password like that in less than 1 hour!


Good Passwords Look Like This...






Enable 2FA


Your account at PMP has 2FA so make sure you enable it. 2FA (2 factor authentication) is a feature where you use an app on your phone to confirm your identity and access a website.

You can get the Google Authenticator app from your phones app store and whilst the Google version does do the job its very basic, if you are looking for something better we recommend that you get the AUTHY app, it works anywhere that you can use Google 2FA but has a much better interface making it more user friendly and it's easier to backup and restore in the event that you lose your phone.

You can read more about the AUTHY app on their website





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