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How to use the marketing banners


You can download any of the banners to your own computer by right clicking on a banner and choosing the save option. You can then upload it anywhere that you wish to use it for your marketing.

If your advertising platform requires an image URL and you want us to host the banner for you then identify the banner that you want to use and right click on it and click the option that says  'copy image address' this will copy the image URL to your clipboard and you can paste it into a document ready for use. Here's an example of what that will look like...

Then you set the target URL to the link that you'll find on your dashboard which will look similar to this but with your username at the end.

Need a html version?

Pure HTML code is very rarely used these days on advertising platforms  because most platforms work as explained above, but if you do require html version then follow these instructions.

Right click any banner and click 'copy image address" this example is one of the 728 x 90 animated gifs

You'll need to hyperlink that to your own custom link from the dashboard 
which will look similar to this but with your username at the end. 

To wrap the banner and your custom link into HTML, just use this code and replace the banner URL for any you want to use

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a>







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