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How and when do I get paid my commissions?


We pay all commissions to our members in bitcoin.

To request a payout login to your members dashboard and click the E-Wallet link in the left hand menu and follow these simple instructions. 

1. Enter the amount in Euros that you wish to withdraw and click any white space on the page or press your tab key and the system will calculate the Bitcoin payment amount. 

2. When you see the BTC amount calculated enter the Bitcoin address where you want to receive this payment and then click 'Request Payout'

3. Check your email and click the link to confirm the payout request

IMPORTANT: When you click the confirmation link in the email make sure that your email client is opening the same browser as you are using to access the site. We recommend Google Chrome for best results.

Please Note:

There is a minimum payout of €50, this is in place to ensure the transaction confirms on the blockchain quickly.

There is no maximum withdrawal limit. 

When you request a withdrawal it's set to a status of 'pending approval' to protect our members against possible fraud. Once your request is approved by an administrator your funds will be sent to the bitcoin address that you set when you requested payment.

The cut off time for payment requests is 23:59:59  Central European Time (Paris).

All payment requests submitted before the cut off time are paid after 12 Noon the following day.

Example 1:

You request a payout on or before 23:59:59 on January 1st, your payment will be processed after 12:00 (noon) on January 2nd.

Example 2:

You request a payout at 00:00:00 (midnight), even though its only 1 second later than example 1 above, it is now January 2nd and your payout will be processed after 12:00 noon on January 3rd.

Why do  we process payments in this way?

This method is in place as an added safety feature for you our members. Bitcoin payouts are not reversable and therefore if a hacker was able to access your email they could request a payout from your account and be paid before you could stop them and you would lose that money. With this method of payouts you have at least 12 hours to submit a ticket to us and have us cancel a fraudulent payout withdrawal if you ever were to see such activity on your account.

Blockchain Fees

We do not charge anything for processing withdrawals however the blockchain fees for all withdrawals is 0.0007BTC per withdrawal, so its better to let your profits build up and make bigger withdrawals less often rather than withdraw every time you reach €50 

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