Features & Benefits Check out the unique advantages of crypto currency mining & trading with Power Mining Pool

  • Our pools mine 7 crypto currencies 24/7 and our software switches resources automatically to ensure you always get the best return

  • As soon as your account is set up we'll add the resources that you've purchased into the pools and you'll start seeing results within hours.

  • Our powerful hybrid compensation plan allows you to earn even more money by sharing Power Mining Pool with others if you choose to do so

  • Every day our system automatically deposits your earnings in Euros into your ewallet and you can withdraw at any time to your bitcoin wallet

We mine multiple crypto currencies 24/7 and pay you the euro value for the mined coins, then we trade the mined coins for Bitcoin and pay you again on any profits we make in the trading pool.

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Get Started for €50 (New Mining Pool Share Package)
Following feedback from our members we've reduced the requirement for a minimum purchase of 4 shares to get started and you can now get started with Power Mining Pool with as little as a single share for just €50 and see earnings within 3 hours.

The Perfect Combination

We mine multiple alt coins for you 24/7 and pay the euro value of the mined coins into your ewallet every 3 hours

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We then trade the mined alternative crypto currency coins on the open markets to convert them to Bitcoin and pay you again on the profits we make from exchange trading

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It’s very simple because your mining rigs are already set up and running

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