Affiliate Commissions

If you choose to share Power Mining Pool with others you will earn the following affiliate commissions paid through 10 levels of referrals.These commissions are paid on all pool share sales including repurchases.

Rank Advancement Bonuses of €29,750

There are 10 ranks in our compensation plan with the possibility for you to earn €29 ,750 in one-time bonuses as you develop your team, and from the rank of Ruby and above you’ll also be eligible for up to 20% check match on your personal referrals commissions.

To earn these rank advancement bonuses simply purchase the required number of personal shares for the next rank you wish to achieve and help 3 personal referrals achieve the lower rank.

E.G. To become a Jade associate and earn a €250 bonus you’ll need 50 personal shares and 3 personal referrals who are at the rank of Associate or higher.

For all ranks of Ruby or higher there is also a team requirement. These team rank qualifiers can be anywhere within your downline organization through unlimited depth.

Check Match Commissions

In addition to all the ways shown above that you can earn money with Power Mining Pool you’ll also earn Check match commissions based on your rank achievement as shown in the table above.

E.G. Achieve the Rank of President Millionaire and you’ll earn a 20% check match on the affiliate commissions of your personal referrals.